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with Sarah DeHaven


Forecasts and Live Monthly Astrological Calls:


Exclusively offered through the Friends of the Truth online community.

$29 USD per month

TRINITY Mentorship:

While a 60-90 minute session contains valuable, timeless information, for more profound levels of transformation we need to go deeper.

This is why I am now offering the TRINITY Mentoriship.

Trinity = Ego + Soul + Spirit. The intention of this mentorship is to support in bringing you into accord with these 3 integral aspects of your Self.

With the shifting tides of human evolution, the opportunity to thrive while living in integrity to your inherent values is now more possible than ever.

But while this sentiment is lovely to imagine, to make it real, to BE a real and true, authentic human being, it is of the utmost import that you reconnect to yourself and honour the real you by choosing you!

Thoughts (air) and enthusiasm (fire) need to be grounded into the physical and emotional bodies (earth and water, respectively) for transformation to take hold long term and provide real-world, tangible results like:

- work that is fulfilling AND lucrative.
- relationships that are mutually beneficial, respectful,  and enjoyable
to experience.
- a healthy body and peace of mind

- ... among, many, many other desirable, tangible results.

What is it that you desire, more than anything? Can you put it into words?

Regardless of whether you can say it in words or not, there is within you a deep, primordial and eternal part that DOES know exactly what you want... and how to get there.

However, over many generations clarity of the voice of this inborn wisdom can become muddy and hard to decipher, as is the case for most people in the world today. When you are not attuned to your inherent sensory faculties as nature intended, the results experienced in all areas of life can miss the mark, feel off, wrong, or deeply unsatisfying.

Even if we choose to willfully ignore the dissatisfaction in our heart, in the loins, (or wherever else this dissatisfaction happens to reside) it doesn't actually go away. The hunger gnaws and gnaws at the psyche and can result in maladies of the mind, body and, too, your very soul.

That is, until you decide to stop hiding from yourself and choose to respect/uphold your inherent values.

You are a most incredible being with powerful, natural gifts, talents and abilities that are uniquely suited to assist you on your path!

You, yes YOU, are innately gifted with the intelligence required to thrive and live a fulfilling, satisfying life, all while being none other than who you really are.

You have the ability to profoundly impact the generations to come, and leave your mark on the world.

But, who are you really?
That's where TRINITY mentorship comes in.

In this mentorship you will:

- Identify your personal evolutionary needs in order to..
- ... learn how to tune into higher quality paths & trajectories that are respectful of your most deeply held needs and desires.
- Realize how to let go of antiquated psychological "malware" and capitalize on your innate gifts, talents and skillsets so they work for you.
- Increase your conscious awareness of reality as it is, not what you project it to be.
- Clarify your perceptive faculties so you can more successfully navigate relationships, daily life, and goals both large and small.
- Cultivate a healthier sense of self esteem and self worth
- Experience higher states of health and well being
- Become a living example that, by your mere presence, naturally improves the lives of others and subsequently the generations to come...

You get close, intimate access to bespoke mentorship with Sarah via:

- a minimum of 2 live calls over the course of 1 month (this number may be more at Sarah's discretion and as your schedule allows)
- on going access to email and/or text for the purposes of communication, counsel and mentorship throughout the course of the month.

$3600 USD monthly

(3 month minimum is highly recommended)

Oracular Counsel on Retainer:

For conscientious high income entrepreneurs, executives, creatives and leadership who would like Sarah to join their support circle.

Beginning at $7,000 USD monthly


Sarah DeHaven is a guidance counsellor with over 30 years of experiential wisdom and carefully curated knowledge in the sciences of psychology, self awareness, relationships and devotional spirituality.


Sarah DeHaven:
Your Confidant

on the Path of Life

The main focus in her work is to foster the obtainment of your desires through the cultivation of healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, beginning first and foremost with the most important relationship of all: The one you have with yourself.

Working with Sarah offers you a safe environment to be fully yourself, fully seen, and clearly heard. In such a sacred, private space you are provided the time, care and attention required to help remove the veils of conditioning that make it hard to know how best to maintain integrity to yourself whilst navigating a reality with a countless multitude of other living beings, cultures, traditions and values.

By being challenged to face your true self without all of the layers of conditioning woven within and placed atop your psyche, what emerges are insights into actual, practical ways for you to interact with the world as you most naturally would.

While developing and maintaining the kind of imperial standards that are worthy of a dignified being like yourself, you begin to see real-world proof of just how Nature is in support of the full emergence of the you at the core of your True Self.


Other outcomes that Sarah focuses on facilitating are:

  • inner peace,

  • self esteem & self worth,

  • self knowing & self awareness,

  • self acceptance, to the point of out-right celebration and appreciation for your own natural, innate gifts and faculties... even the ones, most especially the ones, that you have come to believe are to be ashamed of, to feel guilty for possessing. 

Knowing all too well just how endearingly weird and utterly exceptional each living being is, Sarah upholds the highest respect for her clients. She is consistently focused on refinement and development of the services she provides to ensure they are of the highest quality available.

Perhaps most importantly, such refinements and improvements can be found within the power of acute, accurate listening skills: key to providing profoundly nourishing counsel to a variety of people, from all walks of life.

Providing counsel that facilitates the obtainment of the most satisfaction, health and happiness that is suited to your tastes is of the utmost import.

In working with Sarah you can rest assured you will always be treated with sincere honesty, dignity and respect. This is a standard that is a foundational component to what Adept Guidance is all about.

"I feel like no divination practitioner or astrologer has ever highlighted this issue that I navigate with such compassion and it's bringing me to tears. "

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