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with Sarah DeHaven


Forecasts and Live Monthly Astrological Calls:


Exclusively offered through the Friends of the Truth online community.

$29 USD per month

Evolutionary Trajectory Reading:


In the Evolutionary Trajectory Reading we examine the evolutionary journey of your Soul thus far in order to see how the past informs the present and unfolding future.

This depth of information gives you insight into the hidden aspects of the subconscious and unconscious influences from the current life and ancestrally. Such information supports your ability to identify how to take back specific fragments of your psyche that are ready for integration, and reveals the most beneficial options available to you now, and consistently throughout your journey.

This reading/map is in service with loving guidance whenever you need it. Together with your sincerity and Will, it helps to ensure your future is unfolding in ways that nourish the deeply felt desires within your Heart and Soul. It also points to the wealth of opportunities for real-world physical results that are in full congruence with where you want to be in this life.

$357 USD


In order to become the adult version of you, you must know yourself, accept yourself, and your gifts. You must dispense with living a lie and be fully willing to recognize the brilliance that you've been endowed with by Birthright.

Most fear to cross the threshold into adulthood.
But you are not alone, and you can do this if you believe in yourself enough to refuse to give up!

INITIATION is a 3 month gestation chamber where you and Sarah will work closely together to re-establish connection and relationship to your True Self. Learn how to differentiate between the eminent genius of your very own inner voice and the confusing noise of the outer world. Navigate your personal path in the ways that lead you to the most satisfying and deeply fulfilling experiences.

This is your rite of passage back into full Self Reclamation.

3 month service: $7,000 USD

INITIATION for young adults (18 - 25)

Are you at the crossroads between high school and post secondary education and you don't know which path to take? Or perhaps it is more dire  -- and you have been ambivalent about career/post secondary education for a while now, feeling confused and unsure of what your next best move is, while time keeps ticking away...

Did you know that INITIATION, this ground-breaking service offering, can take you from confused, ambivalent or even apathetic, to knowing exactly what career path will fill your heart with passion?

INITIATION takes career guidance counsel to an unprecedented level -- in this 3 month container of private counsel, it is nearly impossible to remain unsure about the best career path to take. Using a unique combination of psychological and spiritual modalities, I am able to help you bypass years, even decades of career trial and error, and save you tens of thousands spent on schooling that ends up putting you on a career track that, at best, makes money.... but never quite satisfies the gnawing empty feeling in the pit of your Soul. 

Through this finely crafted service, I tune into the space within you that holds the very key to lasting, life long satisfaction and self esteem: the deeply held, inherent desires that have been housed within your Heart and Soul.

This in and of itself is powerful information that stands to serve you for the rest of your life. But we don't stop there.

Next, we focus on identifying and implementing the best ways for you to take practical action steps that facilitate routines and strategies that develop your talents while paving the way forward into a career path that you actually want and get consistently inspired by.

You will know where it is you want to be professionally.  Your confidence and self expression will grow naturally and healthily, becoming more solid and well-rooted in who it is YOU are, knowing why you are such an important part of the human family -- no one can contribute what you can.

Set yourself up for success and save precious time. Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars wasted on educational tracks that aren't for you.

Click the "Inquire Here" button to book a call with Sarah and find out if INITIATION is the right choice for you.


***               ***                ***

For those of you who are parents considering INITIATION for Young Adults: I know your child is a precious gift, and I know you want what's best for them, to make sure they are able to enjoy all the successes that a life well lived can bring.

With this in mind, do know that once your uniquely gifted child has been through the INITIATION program the quality of their ability to achieve success in career/vocation, social role and their everyday life *will* exponentially improve. The passion in their heart will burn with the certainty that arises from deeply felt, authentic self esteem: when one realizes they always contained within them the seeds of success.

This is an amazing gift that will serve your child well for the rest of their life. With the personal 1:1 time and attention they will receive throughout this program your child will know exactly how to go about tending to their very own "seeds of success" so they can flourish and provide nourishment for themselves while simultaneously contributing to those they are called to focus on through their work, all while having the ability to prosper using their own natural genius.


3 month service: $7,000 USD

Oracular Counsel on Retainer:

For conscientious high income entrepreneurs, executives, creatives and leadership who would like Sarah to join their support circle.

Beginning at $7,000 USD monthly

Your Confidant on the Path of Life


Sarah DeHaven is a guidance counsellor with over 30 years of experiential wisdom and carefully curated knowledge in the sciences of psychology, self awareness, relationships and devotional spirituality.

The main focus in her work is to foster the obtainment of your desires through the cultivation of healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, beginning first and foremost with the most important relationship of all: The one you have with yourself.

Working with Sarah offers you a safe environment to be fully yourself, fully seen, and clearly heard. In such a sacred, private space you are provided the time, care and attention required to help remove the veils of conditioning that make it hard to know how best to maintain integrity to yourself whilst navigating a reality with a countless multitude of other living beings, cultures, traditions and values.

By being challenged to face your true self without all of the layers of conditioning woven within and placed atop your psyche, what emerges are insights into actual, practical ways for you to interact with the world as you most naturally would.

While developing and maintaining the kind of imperial standards that are worthy of a dignified being like yourself, you begin to see real-world proof of just how Nature is in support of the full emergence of the you at the core of your True Self.


Other outcomes that Sarah focuses on facilitating are:

  • inner peace,

  • self esteem & self worth,

  • self knowing & self awareness,

  • self acceptance, to the point of out-right celebration and appreciation for your own natural, innate gifts and faculties... even the ones, most especially the ones, that you have come to believe are to be ashamed of, to feel guilty for possessing. 

Knowing all too well just how endearingly weird and utterly exceptional each living being is, Sarah upholds the highest respect for her clients. She is consistently focused on refinement and development of the services she provides to ensure they are of the highest quality available.

Perhaps most importantly, such refinements and improvements can be found within the power of acute, accurate listening skills: key to providing profoundly nourishing counsel to a variety of people, from all walks of life.

Providing counsel that facilitates the obtainment of the most satisfaction, health and happiness that is suited to your tastes is of the utmost import.

In working with Sarah you can rest assured you are will always be treated with sincere honesty, dignity and respect. This is a standard that is a foundational component to what Adept Guidance is all about.


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